Nomination and application process

Your home university is likely to have its own selection process for exchange places. Once you have been selected for Uppsala University, your home university will nominated you to us during the nomination period. 

After you have been nominated by your home university it is time to get started filling in application forms! Please note, many of Uppsala University's exchange agreements are departmental agreements. Individual departments may have their own deadlines. It is extremely important that you check with your home university if your agreement is a departmental agreement, or if it is a university-wide agreement.

University-wide agreements

Exchange application

When selected and nominated to Uppsala University, we will email you with information about the application closer to the application period opening. You will be provided with an online application link and thorough information about the procedure, course selection, deadlines and studying at Uppsala University.

Our office must receive your online application no later than dates below. If you have been nominated by your home university but have not received an email from us with application information prior to the dates below it is extremely important that you contact either your home university coordinator or us, at the Unit for International Mobility, on

After submitting an application

After the Unit for International Mobility at Uppsala University has received and reviewed your application, it will be evaluated and processed for admissions notification. Your transcript of records and course proposal will be shared with the relevant departments for assessment. The departments determine if you meet the academic entry requirements to study the subjects and courses you have chosen. They also determine if there is a place available in the course for you (some courses have restrictions on the number of places available). When it is confirmed that you meet the entry requirements for your chosen course of studies, and there is available space, your Certificate of Acceptance and/or Letter of Admissions will be issued. This evaluation process will be completed before mid-June for the autumn semester and early December for the spring semester. If you have not received any reply by then you should notify the Unit for International Mobility,, at Uppsala University or your home university.

Please note, some courses have very specific academic entry requirements. Simply because you would be able to take a similar course at your home university does not mean that you meet the academic entry requirements to take that course at Uppsala University. Take note of any academic entry requirements prerequisites, see if you have what is required, and if you have questions get in touch with your contact person at Uppsala University.

Departmental agreements

The application process for students nominated for exchange studies through departmental agreements is handled different by the individual departments. However, most departments at Uppsala University are now using an online form. Either the link to the application will be provided by your home university coordinator, or sent to you by the Uppsala University contact after you have been nominated. Your home university coordinator or departmental coordinator at Uppsala University should be able to provide you with more information about the procedure in your specific case.

Departmental exchange students may have different deadlines other than 15 April (1 April) for the autumn intake/15 October (1 October) for the spring intake. Please check with your departmental coordinator to find out which deadlines are relevant for your exchange studies and what form to use.

Last modified: 2022-07-08