Neutron Scattering 2020/2021 (10 credits)

Course Code: 1FA574

Autumn 2020, 67 %, Campus

Start date: 31 August 2020

End date: 25 October 2020

Location: Uppsala

Entry Requirements: 120 credits in science/technology with Quantum Physics. Scattering Theory is recommended.

About the course:

Neutrons offer a unique probe to address questions highly relevant to condensed matter research. In addition to the structure also the dynamics as well as magnetism can be studied. This is related to the characteristics of the neutron and the type of interaction with a sample differing from, e.g. x-rays or electrons.

In this course the peculiarities and applications of neutron scattering will be presented. Particular emphasis will be on the discussion of the similarities and the complementary of x-ray and neutron scattering for material research. The basic scattering methods and concepts will be addressed theoretically as well as practically.

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