Media and Communication Studies C: Theory in Media Studies, 7.5 credits

Academic year 2022/2023

  • Course code: 2IV168

    Autumn 2022, 50%, Campus

    Start date: 29 August 2022

    End date: 2 November 2022

    Language of instruction: English

    Location: Uppsala

    Registration: 28 July 2022 – 29 August 2022

Entry requirements: 60 credits in media and communication studies including 7.5 credits in media studies

About the course

The course explores the main theories in the field of media studies, and offers an in-depth exposé of the key academic debates in the field. The first part of the course explores the historical as well as contemporary development of theoretical perspectives and understandings of the concepts media, mediation, mediatisation, media logic, media/communication ecology, globalisation, digitalisation and participation.

The second part of the course, compares and contrasts different approaches to understand the world of contemporary media, for analysis of contemporary everyday life experiences related to the media, digital societies and globalisation from critical, cultural and discursive perspectives. The theoretical explorations and comparisons will develop your ability to independently and critically reflect on issues of equity, sustainability and participation in contemporary media societies. You will also discuss the ethical problems associated with unequal media access and power, as well as its implications for participation in social change processes.

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