Exchange agreements

In order to attend Uppsala University as an exchange student, your home university must have a current formal exchange agreement with Uppsala University. To find out if this applies to you, your first port of call should be the exchange officer at your department or the international office at your home university.

If you are interested in coming to study an exchange period at Uppsala University the single most important question you can ask is: "Is there an exchange agreement with my university?". The only way that you can participate in an exchange is if there is an official agreement. Uppsala University does not accept students outside of these agreements. Many universities around the world, in addition to their exchange programmes, have programmes whereby students can undertake studies outside of specific exchange agreements. We do not have such an arrangement at Uppsala University.

If your university does not have an agreement with Uppsala University you should talk to your own international office about what other universities your university has agreements with, or about developing an agreement with Uppsala University.

If there is no exchange agreement between your university and Uppsala University, you have several other options. You may wish to apply for freestanding courses and attend Uppsala University as a freemover. Or, you may be interested in applying for one of our many Master programmes taught in English once you have completed your Bachelor's studies degree.

Types of exchange agreements

There are two types of exchange agreements:

  • University-wide: the agreement is between your home university and Uppsala University. It covers students from many different majors and they can take courses in many different departments. At Uppsala, these exchange students are supported by the Unit for International Mobility and can turn to with questions or problems.
  • Departmental: the agreement is between your major’s department at your home university and the corresponding department at Uppsala University. It covers students from one major and they can take courses in a smaller selection of departments. At Uppsala, these exchange students are supported by the relevant department for all aspects of their program.

If you are not sure about the exchange program you are participating in, ask your home university or write to mobility@uu.seThey will direct you to the relevant coordinator.

University-wide agreements

The Unit for International Mobility at Uppsala University administers the university-wide agreements. Most of these agreements are outside of EU in North America, Australia, Asia and more but some are within the EU and are also administered centrally through Erasmus+ and Nordplus (Nordlys only). 

If you are nominated for a university-wide exchange for the autumn semester or the academic year, you can apply until 1 April for Business courses and 15 April for all other courses. If you are nominated for a university-wide exchange for the spring semester, you can apply until 1 October for Business courses and 15 October for all other courses. You will receive an admission notification by e-mail by the mid-June for the autumn semester or full year and at the end of November or early December for the spring semester.

If you need you Learning Agreement signed and have not received the name and contact info of the coordinator for your program, please e-mail with a scanned copy of your Learning Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding exchange studies through university-wide agreements at Uppsala University, send an email to the Unit for International Mobility,

Departmental agreements

Many departments have their own departmental agreements and international coordinators, and some of the larger departments may even have their own international office. If you are coming to Uppsala University on a departmental exchange then you will likely have most of your contact with your exchange coordinator at the department. Contact your exchange coordinator at your home university to find out more.

If you are selected for a departmental agreement, the department will send you information about their own deadlines for application. Through a departmental agreement all contact should be with your departmental coordinator. For questions on for example when you receive you answer or who should sign your Learning agreement, always contact your departmental coordinator first.

All department pages can de found here.

Last modified: 2023-01-19