Housing, financing and health

When preparing for your studies at Uppsala University it is important that you consider the practical details of your time as an international student. This includes where you will live, how you will finance your studies, what insurance coverage and healthcare benefits will apply to you and the support services that you will be entitled to receive at Uppsala University.

Housing at Uppsala University for exchange students

Formal exchange students from exchange agreements with a good balance between incoming and outgoing students are given priority for student housing, given that they submit their housing application on time.

At Uppsala University there are no halls of residences, colleges or other forms of ‘university housing’. All rooms that students live in are regular rooms owned by a variety of different housing companies. These rooms are administered by the Uppsala University Housing Office. The Uppsala University Housing Office has a detailed website explaining all you might need to know about housing in Uppsala and Visby.

Find out more student accommodation and how to apply for housing on the Uppsala University Housing Office’s website.

Find housing on your own

Due to the large number of students, it can be difficult to find housing in Uppsala and Visby. You can however find information about finding accommodation on the Student Union’s website.


All students, regardless of whether they are required to pay application and tuition fees, must be able to cover their personal living expenses while in Sweden. To obtain a Swedish residence permit, students are required to have a minimum amount per month. When you apply for your residence permit you must enclose a bank statement showing that you have your own bank funds available in an account belonging to you.

Cost of living in Sweden according to www.studyinsweden.se

Swedish Residence Permit

Students who are citizens of a country outside of the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland must obtain a Swedish residence permit to study in Sweden. This is done through the Swedish Migration Agency. Information will be sent to all admitted students regarding Swedish residence permits in late April or early May.

Swedish Migration Agency

Your Wellbeing


All students at Uppsala University are covered by accident insurance while on the university premises and on direct way to and from school. Other international student groups, including fee-paying Master’s students, non-fee-paying Master’s students, and exchange students, may also be covered by additional insurance. It is very important that you find out what kind of coverage you will receive or need to organise privately before arriving in Sweden.

More about insurance


As a student in Sweden you can experience one of the world’s safest and most egalitarian societies. Here, there is a distinct balance between social equality and economic success. In fact, Sweden has one of the lowest levels of poverty in the world and has not been at war for 200 years!

Sweden is also a very multicultural society and as one of Uppsala University’s 4000 international students you will feel very much at home.

Support services

At Uppsala University, the health and wellbeing of our students is taken very seriously. We strive to provide superior support to you prior to your arrival, during your studies and even after you graduate. Here, all students share the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities, and staff members are always on hand to assist and support you.

Your rights as a student

Study with a disability

If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can get support during your time at Uppsala University. Remember to apply for this support in good time, preferably when applying for a course or programme at Uppsala University.

Support for disabilities

Last modified: 2021-03-12