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Uppsala University

Uppsala University was founded in 1477, making it the oldest university in the Nordic countries. There are about 40,000 students at Uppsala University. The University has a strong research focus, to which all nine faculties contribute within both pure research as well as within innovations and the university is ranked among the top 100 in the world. The internationalization policy of Uppsala University actively promotes an international perspective in all activities but strives to strengthen the connection between researchers, educators and students.

Uppsala University – Campus Gotland is located on the island of Gotland, within the Baltic Sea, and has approximately 2,000 students. Campus Gotland offers a Liberal Arts program on a candidate level (taught in Swedish). The core curriculum of this program consists of interdisciplinary studies within the fields of philosophy, history of science and ideas, comparative literature, rhetoric, ethnology, art history, and biology. Within the Liberal Arts program, students can major in 24 different areas within the humanities, social sciences and language studies.

We recommend ELAN students to study at Campus Gotland in the medieval world heritage town of Visby, where we offer a Liberal Arts environment. However, since the number of courses taught in English we offer at Campus Gotland for ELAN students is limited, we also offer the possibility to choose courses at the university campus in Uppsala, situated in the Swedish mainland, about 80 km north of Stockholm. Get an impression of the different campus areas by exploring the campus videos.

ELAN student are welcome to apply for all other Courses for Exchange students at Uppsala University, first and second cycle, offered in English. Use the filter function to choose location of studies (Gotland or Uppsala), Level, Semester etc. and check the requirements for each course you are interested in. Please note that courses for the upcoming academic year will be published in the beginning of February each year.

General information for incoming exchange students to Uppsala University.

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