Electromagnetic Field Theory, 5 credits

Academic year 2023/2024

  • Autumn 2023, 33%, Campus

    Start date: 28 August 2023

    End date: 30 October 2023

    Application deadline: 17 April 2023

    Application code: UU-13621 Application

    Language of instruction: The course will be taught in English, if needed

    Location: Uppsala

    Selection: All qualified applicants will be admitted.

    Registration: 27 July 2023 – 27 August 2023

Entry requirements: 120 credits including Electromagnetism II/Electromagnetism and Mathematical Methods of Physics. Proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6.


If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application or tuition fees. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Read more about fees.

Application fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 12,083

Tuition fee, total: SEK 12,083

About the course

In the course, classical electromagnetism will be described and derived. The course will give knowledge that makes a deep understanding possible as well as an ability to solve concrete problems in electromagnetic field theory. The course contains:

  • Repetition of vector analysis
  • Repetition of the electrostatic and magnetostatic fields, including the polarisation field in dielectrics and the magnetisation field in magnetisable media
  • Potential theory (boundary value problems, uniqueness theorem, method of images, separation of variables) with applications in electrostatics, magnetostatics and stationary current distributions
  • Induction law and displacement current
  • Transformation of the electromagnetic field
  • Maxwell's equations and derivation of circuit equations (Kirchhoff's laws) from Maxwell's equations
  • Poyntings theorem
  • Wave equation, plane waves and a brief description of waves along different types of waveguides
  • Field penetration in conducting media
  • Skin depth
  • Generation of electromagnetic radiation (inhomogeneous wave equation, retarded potentials)
  • Electric dipole radiation field. 

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