Arabic 2022/2023

About the Subject

Arabic is the largest Semitic language if size is determined by the number of speakers. Arabic is found in two functional variants: Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic dialect. Modern Standard Arabic is the official written and mass media language used throughout the Arab world, and it is also an official second language in several countries, such as Israel. Apart from various pronunciation differences, Standard Arabic is unified throughout the Arab world and the majority of modern day Arabic fiction and non-fiction books are written in this language. This form of Arabic plays a central role in education. Apart from Modern Standard Arabic there are various specific dialects. Dialects are the typical spoken language used by the 200 million people in the Arab world, not including the minorities living in Iran and Turkey, among other countries. Arabic is also the liturgical language of the religion Islam.

First cycle courses in Arabic are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in Modern Standard Arabic, though students are also exposed to other registers of the Arabic language such as Classical Arabic and even modern Arabic dialects. In addition to language courses, students also learn about the modern history and literature of the Arab World.

Courses at the second cycle are found under Semitic Languages.


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