Peace and Conflict Studies 2020/2021

Peace and Conflict Studies is the study of the causes, dynamics and resolution of armed conflicts. Despite the hopes of a new peaceful world order after the end of the Cold War, armed conflicts have continued to haunt mankind. Questions about conflict processes, conflict management, conflict resolution and durable peace are therefore still central.

Peace and Conflict Studies is included in the Bachelor's programme in peace and development studies as well as the Master programme in peace and conflict studies. Some of the available courses - primarily, but not exclusively, Peace and Conflict Studies A-C - can also be taken as self-contained courses. Both of the programme educations include an opportunity for semester-long internships to gain valuable practical experience. All campus-based courses are held in English.

At the department, the teaching staff goes to great length to anchor their teaching in research. Maintaining a strong basis of relevant research often on current issues and a focus on developing the generic analytical skills makes the education relevant for a future career as, for example, analyst or researcher.


Chris Chau (Bachelor's level), Ingalill Blad Ögren (Master's level)


Telephone: +46 18 471 23 79, +46 18 471 23 49