Greek and Byzantine Studies 2023/2024

About the Subject

The Master's (second-cycle) level in Greek and Byzantine Studies builds on the Bachelor's (first-cycle) level in Greek. The Master's level offers a comprehensive approach to classical and classicising Greek during the entire Ancient and Byzantine period, but also allows for engagement with specific epochs, genres and methodologies on the basis of the department's scholarly environment and individual interests, e.g. in support of the student's thesis.

The courses available at the Master's level include grammar, the history of Greek, broad as well as in-depth text courses in prose and poetry as well as thematic courses dedicated to specific aspects of recent research in Greek philology with a focus on theories and methods. An internship is possible as well. Apart from the thesis, the courses offered consist of 7.5 credit modules so four courses make up a full semester. Not all courses are offered every semester, but over a period of two years-the normal time allotted for a master's degree (120 credits) all courses are offered.

The studies in Greek and Byzantine Studies lead to a Master's degree (60 or 120 credits).


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