Commercial Law 2020/2021

Commercial law is a broad subject of education. The Commercial Law section of the Department of Business Studies offers courses within commercial law for the business sector, but also courses in e.g. administrative law, labour and employment law, and land law.

For business-oriented students the introductory course is "Basic Commercial Law" (Handelsrättslig översiktskurs, 15 credits). The course focuses mainly on private law relevant to commercial enterprises. Students of government and administration will instead choose "Basic Administrative Law" (Förvaltningsrättslig översiktskurs, 15 credits). The course focuses on generally applicable administrative law and some aspects of specific administrative law, local government law, and the law on public access to documents vis-à-vis confidentiality. It is also possible to enter our courses with a focus on labour and employment law or on land law. In labour and employment law we cover employee participation, unions and collective bargaining, employment contracts, working environment law and anti-discrimination law. In land law we cover both administrative and private law on land properties and the transfer of property, and some aspects of environmental law.

In-depth courses deal with, inter alia, market law, corporate and insolvency law, negotiating and designing contracts, sustainability issues, tax law, and further studies in administrative law and labour and employment law. You can either follow one of our so-called "tracks" focusing on business management, human resources management or administration, or select courses to suit your personal interests.

To attain a B.A. in commercial law you will take Commercial law C ("Handelsrätt C", 30 credits) which begins with methodological issues and is finished with a thesis within one of the subject areas offered.


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