History 2022/2023

About the Subject

History studies how people and their societies have changed over time. At the Department of History you can study the backgrounds, reasons and effects of these changes, locally, regionally as well as globally. You gain understanding of the economic, social and political systems in the past and learn to see them in the light of culture and ideology. You also learn how and why historians in different times have given different explanations to historical change. In addition you learn to critically evaluate and chose facts from historical sources and scientific literature and to present your findings in coherent narratives.

History is included in the Bachelor Programme in Historical Sciences.

The Department offers three international Master's programmes: The Master's Programme in Modern History, The Master's Programme in Early Modern History and the Master's Programme in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.


Director of studies, Bachelor's level, Master's level

E-mail: studierektor-gu@hist.uu.se; studierektor-ma@hist.uu.se