Information Systems 2023/2024

About the Subject

Prior knowledge about computers and programming is not a prerequisite for new students at the information systems programme. However, it helps if you have an interest in the role of IT as support for people at the workplace as well as their daily lives in general. During your studies within the programme you will study courses that will prepare you for the challenge of developing systems tailored towards the users. This will provide you with skills that are highly sought after by employers of system developers.

IT-evolution has had an impact in many areas, e.g. media, marketing, commerce, banking and finance, games, insurance and the public services. There is also an increased interest in other areas where the role of IT is growing, such as the environmental sector, tourism, sustainable development and the transport sector. In an ever more globalised world, IT plays a vital role in increased accessibility and growing demands on alternative ways of communication between people. This development is closely linked to the phenomena of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, where services such as Facebook and YouTube have an important role.

During your studies you will be taught important skills needed in the cooperation with customers, users and technicians in order to develop new or further develop existing IT-systems. The ability to collect, analyse and process information is the foundation for all systems development. Furthermore, you will learn how to design databases, often integrated in web applications. Programming is a part of the programme in order to ensure that you will be able to understand the work process of programmers, but will also provide you with sufficient knowledge to prepare you for work within this area of the IT-field.

Courses in Information Systems can be included in a Bachelor of Science. Information Systems give freestanding first-cycle courses up to 90 credits with specialised study in the main field.


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