History of Science and Ideas/History ... 2022/2023

About the Subject

If you are interested in the history of thinking, the History of Science and Ideas is undoubtedly the right subject for you. The first semester undergraduate course offers you a survey of the history of the natural sciences, medicine, philosophical systems and political ideologies and how knowledge has been used in society.

Including the history of science and ideas as one of the subjects in your degree will equip you to understand the role of scientific knowledge in contemporary society. You will gain practice in thinking critically, analysing complex texts and integrating knowledge, both orally and in writing.

The History of Science and Ideas is a central historical subject and invaluable if you are aiming for a career in teaching, libraries, archives, information management, research administration, journalism or the media. For the vast majority of professions it is a subject that provides a valuable historical perspective on the present situation.


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