Indology 2022/2023

About the Subject

Indology means knowledge about India. One is able to obtain knowledge about the inherited system of thought which is present in Indian culture of yesterday and today through literature in Sanskrit. The oldest texts in Sanskrit are the between 3000-3500 year old Vedic texts, well known in the West as some of the oldest documents of our Indo-European language family (see Comparative Indo-European Philology). During the classical period in India, i.e. the centuries around the birth of Christ, a comprehensive religious, philosophical and scientific literature was developed, along with a well-developed artistic poetry, which builds on an age-old storytelling tradition.

The ancient Indian language of Sanskrit is the traditional means of expression for Hindu religion, similar to the role of Latin for Christianity, in earlier times. There is also a rich Buddhist literature in Sanskrit. Ancient Indian languages developed through Middle Indian language stages into Neo-Indian languages (see Hindi). The Middle Indian languages are means of expression for the Indian religions of Jainism and Southern Buddhism. The central content of the study of Indology is Sanskrit. In continuing courses, Middle Indian languages are also studied.


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