Mathematics 2021/2022

About the Subject

Mathematics is the study of logical connections between abstract concepts such as numbers, sets, functions and geometric objects. Mathematical statements are derived by means of logical reasoning and when a mathematical statement is proved, it remains valid for the future, regardless of what reality looks like. In this way, mathematics achieves a general validity that is not only fascinating but also makes mathematics an excellent tool for understanding many different phenomena. For example, one single mathematical model can explain both fish shoal and democratic development.

People who have good knowledge of mathematics are good at detecting patterns and solving very advanced problems from many different angles. This capability is a valuable asset in many industries where a large amount of information needs to be processed and interpreted.

Mathematics is also a living research topic that is constantly evolving. The mathematical research in Uppsala underwent internationalisation in the 1990s and has since multiplied, both in terms of the number of active researchers and research areas.


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