Software Engineering 2021/2022

If you like to solve problems, Software Engineering will be stimulating and rewarding. Developing software is about identifying problems, formulating solutions and planning for appropriate actions to realise the proposed solution. In all courses, we use programming to apply theoretical knowledge through exercises and projects. Focusing on the general aspects such as problem solving and structuring makes it easy to adapt to new languages and techniques.

Courses in Software Engineering deal with methods, techniques and tools for developing software. Today's software is largely based on mobile and web technology, whether the software is to be use on the Internet or internally at a company. It's not about creating great looking websites but on more elaborate systems where web pages only are the interface that the user interacts with. Focus is on the underlying technologies, how computers work and communicate as well as various web technologies. Programming is not only about the programming language, it also includes how to program effectively and safely. Design of databases and databases as a technical solution for data storage is essential within the field of Software Engineering.


Thomas Ejnefjäll


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