Persian 2021/2022

About the Subject

The largest modern Iranian language is Persian (Farsi) which is the official language in Iran and currently one of the largest immigrant languages in Sweden. First cycle studies aim at giving a good understanding of Persian through studying grammar alongside modern and classic texts. Oral and written exercises are also included. In the Iranian language group we also find other languages such as Kurdish, Pashto, Balochi, Gilaki and Mazandarani. Some of these languages can be studied as electives; Kurdish and Balochi may be chosen as minor subjects.

In addition to language courses, students will learn more about Iranian culture, religion and history. The Iranian history spanning more than 2500 years are discussed from a perspective that integrates the development of language, politics, religion and literature over time. Persian literature is very rich - and some Persian poems are listed among the masterpieces of world literature. Reading Persian literature, both prose and poetry, is included at all levels.


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