Sami Languages 2022/2023

About the Subject

About 50,000 people in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia speak Sami. Sami is one of the three languages ​​spoken in our country since ancient times. In Sweden, are considered as main dialects North Sami, Lule Sami and Southern Sami. Since Sami is spoken over such a large area - from Idre in the Dalarna to the Kola Peninsula - the differences between the dialects are large. A North and a South Sami cannot normally understand each other's language.

The language has lived as a spoken language for centuries, and it is only in later decades that the Sami written language has emerged. There is no common Sami writing language for all dialects. Book publishing, mostly in Northern Sami, is significant today. Nowadays, with Sami used as a teaching language, there is a great lack of teaching materials in Sami, and need of teachers. The rich Sami language treasure and the culture constitute a white field of research.

The courses in Sami convey the knowledge of a different way of life under harsh conditions. Of course, people's adaptation to the harsh environment has marked also the language. Sami has a well-developed derivational system that is now used to form words that were not needed in the old Sami society.

Courses at the advanced level are to be found under the heading Finnish-Ugric languages.


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