Political Science 2022/2023

About the Subject

In Political Science every aspect of political life is studied - from the ideas of ancient thinkers to the decision-making of today. The problems of democracy are dealt with from the point of view of classical theory and contemporary debate. You will study the rules and practices of Swedish politics, the origins of power, and the execution of power and the administrative apparatus at central and local level. Also studied are the actors seeking to influence the political arena, such as parties, interest groups, social movements and the media. Other study areas are comparative studies of foreign countries, different systems of government and politics as well as

the interplay between states in the global political arena, and the forces of globalisation.

You will acquire a general view, and knowledge of the current scientific debate. Your ability to analyse, evaluate and critically examine research and to define your own research problems will be deepened, as well as your ability to critically discuss and present information both orally and in written text.


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