Special Education 2022/2023

About the Subject

Special needs education is a part of the field of pedagogy that also has important relations to other fields of research. Within special needs education, various difficulties are in focus that emerges within pedagogical settings. These settings are education, socialisation and learning in different historical, social and cultural contexts. Empirical fields are the whole educational system from preschool to higher education and also working life and informal settings.

It is important within the field to identify and analyse processes within pedagogical environments that provide the individual with prerequisites for participation, learning and development. The courses offer a deeper introduction to the historical development of the field and a deeper insight into different perspectives of special needs education in research and institutional activities. Students are offered possibilities to develop their ability of independent and critical reflection on central notions within research on special needs education, such as the relation between pedagogy and special needs education, and inclusion and exclusion within pedagogical activities. The courses also develops the students' theoretical and methodological knowledge and abilities, and offers the students possibilities to broaden as well as and deepen their interests within special needs education as a research field.


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