Technology 2022/2023

About the Subject

Technology is a major and wide-ranging subject. Technology holds new and old, popular and less popular subtopics such as electronics, biotechnology, micromechanics, environmental engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering with more. Technology is dynamic and interdisciplinary, and new applications are constantly developed in a never-ending cycle.

To understand technology topics, you must have prior knowledge of mathematics, physics and / or chemistry. In order to master the new technology subjects often requires a solid background in related disciplines as well as state of the art developments. Development and application go hand in hand in the art. It is not so long ago technology was restricted to applications in chemistry, mechanics and electromagnetism. But the emergence of modern physics, electronics, computer technology and the revolutionary discoveries in biology have changed our view of what can be called technology. Today, technology represents virtually all sciences that come into practical use.

In Uppsala, you can get education and training in most areas of technology. The opportunities for in-depth education or research are particularly important in materials science, computer science, electronics, engineering physics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, energy technology, environmental technology and industrial management.