Caring Sciences 2021/2022

About the Subject

Caring Sciences include theory, methods and techniques for the study of problems and intervention for individuals and groups within the health care system and in broader contexts of care. Outcome and relations between different, clinically relevant factors are evaluated, as well as the processes involved. Caring Sciences emanates from a multi-scientific and multi-professional perspective which includes preventive, supportive, caring, nursing and rehabilitative actions. One area of the Caring Sciences emphasises social and behavioural science, including such theories and methods.

An important field of study is the interaction between personnel, patients and their family/ significant others. The individual's resources for keeping and regaining optimal health, as well as his/her ability to adjust to change in health status is another important focus for research. Resources within the health care system for support to the individuals and their families are also of great interest, particularly when such resources are lacking and in palliative care. Caring Sciences include quality of care, cultural aspects, health care organising and education.


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