Wind Power Management 2022/2023

About the Subject

In the global energy transition renewable energy is playing an important role. Wind power is one of the energy sources that are growing the fastest. Also developments in the international wind power industry are fast, in technology, policy and acceptance. This results in an increased demand for well-trained staff that can initiate, lead and implement wind power projects in a successful way. Uppsala University Campus Gotland is a leader in interdisciplinary education in wind power project development and management.

Education in Wind Power Project Management is for you who want to work with the planning and projecting of wind power in government or business, nationally and /or internationally. The courses cover a wide range of knowledge and skills that are useful for professionals such as planning, environmental impact, engineering, energy, wind resources, finance and grid connection. For example, you will learn how to calculate the energy production of wind turbines at a selected site and to communicate wind power issues with concerned stakeholders. Both undergraduate and Master's education is available.

At the undergraduate level a large number of courses are offered as net-based courses. These can be combined into one year studies, 60 credits, in Wind Power Project Development including a final larger project course.  The courses can also be studied as individual courses. Courses in Energy and Environmnet are also offered. Each course comprises 7.5 credits equivalent to about ten weeks of half-time studies. Net-based learning is a possibility for competence building for those already in employment and also the courses can be taken as full time studies. They are offered as flexible learning which means that you can study at the time and place of your own choice.

A one-year and a two year international Master's programme is offered on advanced level at Campus Gotland. The programme is interdisciplinary and taught in English and will prepare you for a career in the renewable energy sector by focusing on planning, project development and management. You will be taught by teachers and researchers who work actively for a successful wind power development. As a student, you can build a broad network that gives you the opportunity to make contacts for future employers and internships in the industry.


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