Application guide

For the international admission round, most Master's programmes require you to apply through the national applications system run by University Admissions in Sweden, It is only possible to submit an application during the two official admission rounds.

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you submit a complete application.

Step 1: find your Master's programme

Check the Master's programmes on our website to find the Master's programme you would like to study!

Find your programme

Step 2: check entry requirements and Apply online

  • Check you meet the general entry requirements that apply to all our Master's programmes.
  • Check you meet the programme-specific entry requirements for the programme you are interested in. To check the specific requirements, click on the Master's programme you are interested in and read the information under the section “Admissions”.
  • Start your application: create an account on the
  • Rank your programme choices in order of preference and submit them before the application deadline. How you rank your programme choices is very important. Read how to rank your preferences.

See requirements & selection

Step 3: submit your documents

Check supporting documents

Don't miss the deadline!

The deadline for receipt of all kinds of supporting documents is 1 February. This means that the documents must arrive at the correct receiving address by the deadline. Keep it in mind that it can take several weeks for e.g. hard copies or official digital GMAT score reports to be delivered. You should therefore plan ahead and have them completed and sent out in time. If your supporting documents do not arrive on time, your application will be considered late and will also make you ineligible for scholarships.

Step 4: pay the application fee

If you are required to pay tuition fees, you should pay the application fee to University Admissions before the deadline. The deadline for receipt of application fee is 1 February. This means the payment need to arrive at University Admissions by the deadline. You should therefore find out how long it may take for the international payment transition and pay the fee in time. If the application fee is paid late, your application will be considered late and it will also make you ineligible for scholarships.

Applying to courses within a programme

If you are a current student in a Master's programme at Uppsala University, you may be required to apply for courses through Your programme coordinator will inform you about the process for applying for courses within your specific programme, as they can differ greatly between departments.


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If you have any questions regarding Master’s studies at Uppsala University we are always happy to help. You can contact the International Office by sending an email to, or through our Facebook page.

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Last modified: 2021-10-12