It's all about your future career

We know that career opportunities are one of your biggest concerns. We really care about your future career too.

So we are here to support you and pave the way for your career already during your Master's studies, whether you choose to enter the job market directly, start your own business, or go on to PhD studies after graduating.

Meet our career counsellors

Uppsala University Careers provides various types of career services to prepare you for a successful career. You can already do a great deal while still a Master's student. Our advice is to start early and make the most of our career services.

As a student at Uppsala University, you can book one-to-one meetings with our career counsellors. They will help you make a tailored plan towards your dream job and support you in developing the strategy and skills needed to achieve your career goals. 

Our career counsellors in Uppsala and Visby are all passionate and dedicated with years of experience of helping international Master's students find jobs. They are always ready to give you all the support and encouragement you need at every step of the journey, whenever you need it.

Work after graduation

Residence permit for looking for work

You can get a residence permit to stay in Sweden for another entire year after graduating to look for jobs or start your own business. So while seizing all the opportunities before your graduation, you do not need to feel stressed about a permit to stay.

Meet our alumni

At Uppsala University, we are proud to boast a large and diverse body of alumni, whose positive contributions to society have an impact on a local, national and international scale. Here you can meet several graduates to hear what life at Uppsala University was like for them, and how their qualifications have enabled them to achieve their career goals since graduating. 

Meet our alumni

A collage with four alumni
Photo: provided by the alumni
Last modified: 2022-04-19