Make the most of CareerTuesdays

Every Tuesday afternoon, UU Careers holds career seminars or webinars for students at Uppsala University. These events are meant to provide you with tools and methods, so that you are prepared to take the next step in your career planning.

Career events you can expect

Two students sitting in a seminar, while the girl in focus is smiling to the cameraIt could be a seminar where you learn tricks for writing your CV and job applications, or a webinar where we tell you what to think about when looking for jobs or how to build a network for internship opportunities. You may also get to meet some current PhD students at the University and hear their tips on PhD applications and studies. Go to UU Careers to read more about career events.

Are you more into starting your own business in Sweden and want to know how? We’ve got you covered as well, through our events hosted by Drivhuset – a non-profit foundation with 25 years of experience of helping students turn their ideas into reality.

To succeed in your career, we think it is important for you to start thinking about your career early during your Master’s studies. What is your career goal? How can you reach that goal? How can you build a valuable network to help you reach your goal? How is the job market in your field? Our CareerTuesdays are designed to help you think about questions like these and find the answers.

“The question is not which employers you can match up with,” our career counsellors often say, “but which employers match you and what you want.”

What previous students say

According to a large evaluation conducted 2020/2021 by Uppsala University, students who had participated in our career events were very satisfied.

Students appreciated the way in which CareerTuesdays aims to teach students “how to fish” rather than directly feeding them with "a fish”, as this enabled them to take control of their future careers.

Students who had participated in our webinar on soft skills said that "(it is) very interesting and thought-provoking, makes me want to think further”, and "(it) made me realise some personal characteristics I did not even know I had”. In our workshop on self-leadership, one of the students said, “today's workshop reminded me of who I am”. These are just a few examples of the feedback we received.

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Last modified: 2022-03-28