Meet our digital ambassadors!

Each year we put together a team of international student ambassadors, from different backgrounds and programmes, to tell their stories. Follow them on their journey as they share what life is really like in Sweden and Uppsala University.

Nobody can understand the worries of moving to a new country, the struggle to get the application done on time and why Swedish food is so weird, better than our current international students. Our digital ambassadors are here to answer your questions before you decide to come to Uppsala or Visby, and to inspire you as a future student.

The ambassadors team 2022-2023

Euodia Louis Setiono Oei - Indonesia

Hey y'all! My name is Euodia (yes, my name contains all the vowels); most people call me "Odi," and I'm a proud Indonesian! I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction here at Uppsala University. I studied New Media Design for my bachelor's and worked as a UX Designer.

I am so down with exploring and experiencing new things, be it experiencing diverse cultures, weird foods, hidden places or patting strangers' doggos I meet on the street! Before coming here, I was curious about Swedish culture and lifestyle — I've always wanted to experience the sustainable and 'lagom' lifestyle, the winter darkness, the equality-focused educational system, the midsommar celebration (yes, I knew it from the movie), and many more! I'm thrilled that I chose Uppsala for my next adventure. Uppsala's location is ideal for me, who loves to travel and can't stay in my bedroom for more than one day. I can jump to Stockholm when I need a bustling and energetic city atmosphere and explore Uppsala’s nature and hiking trails when I need to unwind.

I'm still at the beginning of my new journey here. Loooong way to go till I graduate from Uppsala University. After I graduate, I aim to obtain working abroad experience in a Swedish tech company. Sometime in the future, I intend to return to my home country and impart what I've learned here after gaining sufficient expertise and knowledge. I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to share my experience here in Uppsala as a digital ambassador. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any question; I'll be happy to help!

Andis Poļaks - Latvia

Hej hej! My name is Andis and I am a proud student of Uppsala University. I started my Master's in Astronomy in the Autumn 2022 and so far I am enjoying it a lot!

I am originally from Latvia, the small country next to the Baltic sea with lots and lots of wonderful traditions, but now I do live in Uppsala, Sweden and enjoy this wonderful Northern country! I finished my Bachelor's in Physics at the University of Latvia and decided to jump on an adventure to discover the well-known student life of Uppsala.

Usually I am very communicative and always ready to discuss whatever comes to my mind. Organizing and hosting different events and projects is my passion and I have done it since I was 16. Maybe it is my love for people and being around people! After I graduate I would love to stay in Sweden and work in either research (because researching the space is so cool!) or just working in a field that I find interesting. But to be fair we will see in what direction my life will steer into after a few years, because I am always ready for new adventures!

Patricia Balla - Hungary

Hej hej! I’m Patricia from Hungary! I study BSc Energy Transition – Sustainability and Leadership at Campus Gotland. My campus is located on Sweden’s largest island in the Baltic Sea, so I’m a little further from the rest of our Digital Ambassadors, but just as close in spirit.

Gotland provides such a pretty environment for my studies, and very fitting too, as I get to see Swedish pilot sustainability initiatives and incorporate them into my learning experience.
When I’m not studying, I enjoy going on night walks around Visby, catching up with my friends from the Game Design program, taking pictures of the changing seasons, and most of all, going on road trips around Gotland.

It’s my last year, and leaving after graduation will be bittersweet, but wherever I go, I hope to make the most of the knowledge and memories UU has given me!

Noah Godin - Canada

Hi there! I’m Noah and I study the Master’s programme of Holocaust and Genocide Studies here at Uppsala University. I moved to Sweden in the summer of 2018 to pursue my Bachelor’s in Human Rights at Malmö University. This combination of research areas has informed my academic focus on Settler Colonialism and Decolonization.

Aside from study, I’ve been involved in a handful of student associations, student representative positions and I’ve had some great opportunities to work closely with student unions!

Over the last 4 years, my partner and I have steadily been working towards making Sweden our home for the time being. The transition from international student to resident is a challenge almost anywhere in the world and it certainly helps to have a bit of guidance along the way. I hope to fulfill that guiding role for any students that request it!

Arshia Jagtap - India

Hi! My name is Arshia Jagtap, and I’m a Master’s student from India! I’ve grown up in several cities across multiple states in India, and being exposed to so many different cultures from a young age made me fall in love with experiencing new places, languages, communities, and ideas. Moving to Sweden has been an unconventional and extremely exciting choice, but it’s one that I’m super sure of, and I will do my best to make the most of my time here! 

I joined Uppsala University in the Autumn of 2022 for the Master’s Programme in Aesthetics, offered by the Department of Philosophy. After doing my Bachelor’s with Honours in Philosophy from the University of Delhi in India, I decided I wanted to narrow my field of research and specialise in Aesthetics. I’ve been an avid enjoyer of several forms of art since I was a child, and it seems extremely fitting that life has steered me to study a subject that deals with topics of beauty, art, philosophy, and pleasure. I enjoy research and hope for a career in academia, and I know Uppsala University will provide me with the base I need!

Earl Dube - Zimbabwe

Hej! My name is Earl Dube and I am a Master of Social Science student, majoring in Digital Media and Society from Zimbabwe. I’ve been at Uppsala University since the Autumn of 2021 and I have loved every single moment of it.

I moved to Sweden with my wife and together we have made it through the long dark days and sub-freezing temperatures. When you are used to average temperatures of around 28°C most of the year, -15°C can be a bit challenging, but we’ve made it work.

When I’m not studying, I love engaging in various activities both at the student nation and with different clubs and societies. I am a member of V-Dala nation, and I spend time there occasionally. If I’m not grabbing the affordable and yummy lunch, I’m sitting in the pub grabbing a drink with friends or serving in the international committee, where I am the deputy head. I also am a member of the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs and am the head of the Debate Club, which keeps me pretty busy.

The future is exciting to think about and I always spend time contemplating what I would do after my studies. One thing I know is I want to engage with various Swedish non-profit and development organisations that have interests in Africa and want to help inform culturally sensitive policy that fully takes into account participatory processes of development and perhaps pursue a PhD in my field.

Samantha Angela - Aruba

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m I am currently in the second year of my Master's in Sociology of Education. I’ve been in Uppsala since the Autumn of 2021, and it’s been a blast so far!

I love my programme and the people I have met through it! To help students of my programme and further help the development of my programme, I am also the vice-chair and secretary of my programme’s student committee, Habitus.

When I’m not studying, you can find me in the city having fika with some friends. I’m a very social person, so I like to surround myself with people whenever I get the chance. That’s why I was also a part of the buddy programme and got to meet some awesome newbies I can now call friends. If you ever see me anywhere in Uppsala, just say hi! I’d love to chat :) And if I’m not with friends, then you can always find me cuddling with my cute cats at home.

I chose to study in Uppsala because it’s a student city with lots to do! It is also a very cultural and historical city, so it was not a hard decision to move here. I do come from a very warm Caribbean Island though. I’m used to sun all year round, and the ocean being a few minutes away, but I still love the snow and cold weather in Sweden! 

Valentine Villain - France

Hello everyone, I am Valentine a 23-year-old French student studying at Campus Gotland. I am a student in the Sustainable Destination Development master program finishing my second year.

I chose this program for the link between Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Sustainability in which I want to continue working in this direction after my graduation. I really would love to continue working in Sweden after my master's program if my Swedish language level would be better.

I am also the student union (Rindi) badminton leader where I enjoy going there every Thursday and seeing friends and meeting people. I am also part of the student union (Rindi) Fire guild in which I only do LEDs and edit the music for the shows because fire is too scary for me yet.

My favourite places to be in Visby are Fiket which is a vintage vibe café super close to my house which makes it my HQ, looking at all the church ruins all over town, going thrift shopping and finding unique objects and obviously the university.

Studying in Visby is a very unique experience in itself and as a Cultural Heritage and Tourism girl, living in this UNESCO World Heritage site and crossing it every morning to go to the university is a unique experience in itself and that is why I really want to share it to every student out there who wants to know more about living on this beautiful island.

Want to join the team?

We are currently not looking to hire new ambassadors. However, we will be recruiting new students to the team for the academic year of 2023-2024. The application will be published here in July 2023.

Working as a digital ambassador for Uppsala University in our international student recruiting team is a great way to get to know the university, new people and yourself. As a digital ambassador, we expect you to create content for our Instagram account, our blog and if needed our Youtube channel.

What is in it for me?

  • Flexible working hours and some extra pocket money
  • New friends and a broader network
  • Great work experience to put on your resume
  • Real-life experience in communication and marketing
  • Practical experience in content creation
  • Helping prospective students make one of their most important decisions

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