Studying as a parent

It must be possible to combine studies and parenthood, without this being an impediment to your studies.

Uppsala University therefore has a parental policy, to support the positive attitude towards parenthood which must prevail at Uppsala University. It shall provide guidelines and support for students who are to become or are parents. This Policy shall also provide teachers and directors with guidance for how they should relate to students and employees with children.

Father joining a zoom class while caring for two children at home


If you need child care services, you should locate a pre-school or school and apply for a place as early as possible.


There are a number of different housing options for students, including student dormitory rooms, apartments and share houses. The housing guarantee for fee-paying students and exchange students is only offered for the individual student and we are unfortunately not able to provide accommodation for families. If you need a more roomy accommodation than a student room, you have to arrange your own accommodation while in Sweden.

Last modified: 2022-05-17