Medicine and Pharmacy

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Do you want to take your expertise to the next level, to save lives, discover a new medicine for a certain disease, or improve public health policies that benefit an entire society? The labour market is promising and there is a large demand for professionals with biomedical education in the pharmaceutical industry.

These missions demand in-depth expertise in the scientific subjects, staying at the forefront of the latest knowledge and technique developments, competence of critical thinking and analysis, as well as an understanding of how to transfer an idea to practical application. This is what we are dedicated to provide you, through our Master's programmes in medicine and pharmacy at Uppsala University.

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Research in medicine and pharmacy

Uppsala University is internationally recognised in the field of medicine and pharmacy. We conduct both fundamental and clinical research in close association with Uppsala University Hospital, which makes us a centre for translational research. The collaboration between the programmes gives you the opportunity to be empowered with the specific knowledge and skills that are needed for your future career as a medical professional, scientist or healthcare leader anywhere in the world.

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Why Uppsala University?

We care about your future career.

A degree from Uppsala University will pave the way for your research career. Research and education are closely linked, and regardless of what you study, as a student you will have close contact with research groups and make important academic connections.

Having a degree from Uppsala University will also prepare you to jump straight into the international job market. 

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Who we are

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  • Sweden's First University - Founded 1477
  • A top-ranked comprehensive university
  • 40 000 students at 11 campus areas
  • 3 000 teachers and researchers
  • About 20 000 Master's applications from 192 different countries in 2020
  • Almost 100 research groups rated Top Quality/World Leading
  • 8 Nobel Prizes
  • Amazing student life
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