FAQ about the programme

1. What background do I need to have to meet the programme requirements?

The wind industry needs people from different backgrounds to fill a variety of positions. Therefore, our programme has opted a multi-disciplinary approach for preparing you to join the work force in this field.

2. What is the difference between the one-year and the two-year programmes?

The courses for the one-year and two-year programmes are the same until the second period of the second semester. In the second period of the second semester, one-year students will do a 15 credits thesis work while second-year students will take two courses instead. In the second year, three more courses will follow for two-year students in the first semester along with a 30 credits thesis work in the second semester. Therefore, the main difference is the number of course and thesis work (study plan 2-yr, study plan 1-yr). In addition, depending on how long the duration of your studies is, different rules may apply to you from migration or tax agency. Please refer to their websites for more information. Tax Agency, Migration Agency

3. Which programme should I apply for? One-year or two-year?

It depends on your personal situation and preferences. In general, with the two-year programme you can perform a more extensive thesis work and benefit from the additional courses. On the one hand, one-year programme is well suited for those who are short in time or finances, or for instance are taking the programme as a gateway to change into the wind power industry from a neighbouring field and to broaden their knowledge and skills in this field. The two-year programme is better for those that would like more in depth knowledge and if you would like to continue with PhD studies. In our experience, most of our graduates of the one-year and two-year programmes have been successful in their professional life after finishing their studies.

4. Can I change from two-year program to one-year program or vice versa?

Yes, it is possible to change your programme from one to another after starting your studies if we have space. You can do so by contacting the student service. However, please note that the rules applied to you by other governmental agencies may take a while to change accordingly. Therefore, it is better to select the right programme from the beginning.

Last modified: 2022-06-07