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Rougness trip

Site visits are considered an essential part of a wind power project to verify the roughness data extracted from satellite maps, among others. In this video, we watch how our students learn this in practice. 

Gotland alla färger

Campus Gotland is located on the Baltic island of Gotland with a rich culture, history, and exquisite nature. This video made by one of our students is a glance at what you would expect in your experience as a student living on Gotland.

Beach clean up

There are many programs around sustainability gathered on campus Gotland. It has provided an environment with same-minded people concerned with issues on this subject. In this video, we see a group of students who cleaned one of the beaches near the city of Visby on the international world clean-up day.

Graduates from 2013

An old video from our early graduates from 2013 and how and where they are contributing to the resolution of a more sustainable future currently.

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Last modified: 2022-06-22