Amer Skeiker

Portrait photo of AmerMy name is Amer Skeiker. I have two academic backgrounds. The first is business studies, and the second is humanitarian action with a focus on peace and conflict.

I did the Master Programme in International Humanitarian Action at Uppsala University, and I am currently a PhD student in international business at the Department of Business Studies.

I chose Uppsala University for my Master’s degree mainly because of the well-respected name of the university in the area of peace and conflict studies. After my Master’s I was given the opportunity to continue onto PhD studies in business where I could combine my background in business and my interest in political science and conflicts.

Uppsala University is an internationally oriented university, which does not only mean the number of international students studying at the university, but also the open-minded nature of the university regarding research. We do not only search for new perspectives to answer old questions, but also focus on new problems within new frameworks.

I think after four years of studying at Uppsala University I realised that the university is not only an academic institution, but also a community. This can be easily seen in the student support, nations, health services for students, mentorships, etc. Within the classes and the way of teaching at Uppsala University, there is an emphasis on high quality interaction and guidance between the students and teachers, rather than traditional teaching.

My time at Uppsala University was absolutely useful and prepared me to successfully start my PhD. Teaching at a Master’s level is not only about being highly qualified for a job in the private sector, but it is also about developing critical thinking which is an important part of Uppsala University and important for further future research.

If I could go back and do my Master’s programme again, I would register in several housing queues ASAP!

My advice for future students is that Uppsala as a city and the university is a lovely place to conduct research. If you are looking to be a part of a community and develop your critical thinking, then Uppsala University is the right place for you!

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