Annie Hammare

Photo of Annie standing in front of a poster showing illustrated insectsMy name is Annie Hammare and I am from a small town outside of Kalmar, Sweden. I did the Bachelor Programme in Biology/Molecular Biology and then the Master Programme in Biology, specialising in Ecology and Conservation at Uppsala University.

The Bachelor’s programme gave me a good fundamental base with statistics, chemistry, cell biology and so on. Since I am passionate about nature and ecology I wanted to get a deeper knowledge and understanding, so I chose to continue to study a specialisation in ecology and conservation. Uppsala University is known to be one of the greater institutes in Sweden. There are a lot of programmes and courses to choose from and the quality of the education is high. Uppsala city is also a well-known student city which made the choice easier.

I think the best things about studying at Uppsala University are the classrooms which are located in old and beautiful buildings which gives inspiration. It is possible to bike everywhere in Uppsala since everything is pretty close. I would lie if I didn’t mention the student nations as one of my favourite parts of student life in Uppsala, where something fun happens every night. I think the atmosphere in class and on campus was mostly nice and welcoming. In general if you are open, everyone else is open. During my studies I was spending time at the nations with many other students, which is a great way to make friends.

After graduation I worked one season at Lantmännen Bioagri. I treated seeds with biopesticides and chemicals and performed cultivation experiments. For the last year I have worked at Novavax AB through the consultation and staffing company Poolia. Novavax produce and develop adjuvant to vaccine. I work as a laboratory assistant with process development. It is very exciting to work at a small research and production company, and during my time here I have gained insight into many parts of the business. Doing my Master’s project prepared me for life after graduation, as I did my thesis in collaboration with the County Administrative Board, which gave me an understanding of their business and their way of working.

If I could redo my time at Uppsala University again I would be sure to take every opportunity that existed to establish contacts with people who could have been useful to know after graduation. For students who are considering studying a similar subject to me, think carefully about what you want to work with in the future and choose the programme and courses that are required for you to get that job. But in the end it is usually your personality that determines whether you get that job or not.

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