Daniel Olai

Portrait photo of DanielMy name is Daniel and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in Sweden and currently live and work in Stockholm. I was a student at Uppsala University for a total of five years, and my studies focused on economics, statistics and political science.

I did a Bachelor’s in social science and then a Master’s in economics. I chose these particular programmes because after taking a course in economics as a teenager I was immediately hooked. I already knew when applying for my Bachelor’s that I would like to go on to do a Master’s degree afterwards. Uppsala University offered what seemed like a great and competitive programme in my subject area and provided ample opportunities to pursue studies in complementary academic fields. I wanted to stay in Sweden and study economics, and along with everything else Uppsala University has a rich history and an exciting campus life.

For me, the best thing about studying at Uppsala University was the people. Meeting likeminded individuals in an intellectual and stimulating environment is, for me, an invaluable experience. On campus, the atmosphere was overall very open and friendly. There was always something happening and a wealth of extracurricular activities available, and you simply had to keep your eyes open in order to take part. I did things like work as a teaching assistant on the side of my studies.

I started working in Stockholm immediately after graduating in the spring of 2015, and was doing pricing analysis for a large consumer electronics firm in Sweden. I worked there until I got my current job as an economist and policy analyst at the Ministry of Finance in March of 2017.

My time at Uppsala University prepared me for life after graduation by giving me the skills necessary to pursue my career of choice, as well as giving me a network of peers. Knowing people in your field can be very helpful when determining a direction for your career.

If I could do my time at university again, there is not really anything I would change. If I had to say something, it would be to get to know more people. But really, I am very happy with how everything has turned out.

My advice to others wanting to do something similar career-wise is to never stop learning. Leaving academics does not mean an end to your growth. Look for new opportunities for learning and make sure you end up at a workplace with senior colleagues.

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