Jiawei Xu

Jiawei standing in front of the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong with skyscrapers on the other side of the harbourMy name is Jiawei Xu and I am from China. I did the Master Programme in Statistics at Uppsala University.

I had studied statistics in my Bachelor’s and got my passion to get an even deeper understanding of the insights behind the numbers. When I compared different programmes within this field, I found that at Uppsala University the Master Programme in Statistics has a very good plan to cover the main topics in the field and also provide the students with opportunities to get more practical experiences. I think this is very important for those who aim to get a job in the real world, which is my aim and main purpose to study, so I eventually chose this programme.

The programme at Uppsala University fit me, and the university itself is one of the top universities in Sweden and Europe with a top 100 ranking around the world. This was very important to me too.

The best thing about studying at Uppsala University was the amazing student life in Uppsala. The university gathers students from all over the world, including different parts of Sweden of course, and they all move here for the same purpose yet have different views of the world. Uppsala University connects them all together.

It feels very equal to be in the class and on campus. You can call the professors by their first names, and classmates would not treat you differently because you are from a different country or cultural background. I did take part in many different activities, and I would say it’s actually pretty hard to not participate in any extracurricular activities. There is always something happening in Uppsala every day, and I think everyone can find something to do.

Since graduation I have been working as an eCommerce Analyst. Since day one at Uppsala University my plan has always been to find a job and start my career after my studies. Luckily my programme not only provided a wide range of courses to strengthen my competitiveness knowledge-wise, but also allowed students to learn by doing. You could do an internship to gain credits. So I did an internship during my studies which led to a permanent job afterwards. And during my internship seeking period, I got such great help from the career office at the university, including CV revision, interview preparation and even a free book on how to get a job. And of course the connections I made at Uppsala University helped too.

I had such a great time doing my Master’s programme in Sweden. If I got to go back and do it all again I really wouldn’t mind experiencing everything exactly the same way again. But if I needed to do something differently, I would probably put more effort into my work related skills and building more connections.

My advice for others is to dare to try all different opportunities and build more connections! And most importantly, enjoy your life studying at Uppsala University!

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