Syllabus for Statistical Methods in Hydrology

Statistiska metoder i hydrologi

A revised version of the syllabus is available.


  • 5 credits
  • Course code: 1HY114
  • Education cycle: Second cycle
  • Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Earth Science A1N
  • Grading system: Fail (U), Pass (3), Pass with credit (4), Pass with distinction (5)
  • Established: 2008-03-13
  • Established by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Applies from: Spring 2008
  • Entry requirements:

    120 credits with at least 90 credits in Earth Science alternatively 90 credits in Physics.

  • Responsible department: Department of Earth Sciences
  • This course has been discontinued.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of the course, the student should be able to

  • identify statistical tools that can be used to handle large amounts of data
  • use statistical tools for modelling and analysis within the environmental sciences
  • master the most common statistical techniques used in hydrology
  • carry out a time-series analysis
  • compute design floods and hydrological extremes
  • use simple statistic models in hydrology


Statistical analysis: Moments: measures of central tendency, dispersion and symmetry. Expectation and estimation. Frequency analysis and design floods. Discrete and continuous probability distributions, especially normal and extreme-value distributions. Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Correlation, simple and multiple regression. Variance analysis. Parameter-value estimation. Time-series analysis and simple stochastic models. Error theory.


Lectures, computer exercises, project work and project report.


Examination is held at the end of the course. Grading on the scale 3, 4 or 5 is given provided all exercises and laboratory reports are completed and approved. Grade is based on written examination (4 ECTS-credits) and project work (1 ECTS-credit).

Reading list

Reading list

Applies from: Autumn 2009

Some titles may be available electronically through the University library.

  • Haan, C. T. Statistical methods in hydrology

    2. ed.: Ames, Iowa: Iowa State Press, 2002

    Find in the library

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