Syllabus for Computer Architecture I

Datorarkitektur I

A revised version of the syllabus is available.


  • 5 credits
  • Course code: 1DT038
  • Education cycle: First cycle
  • Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Computer Science G1F, Technology G1F
  • Grading system: Fail (U), Pass (3), Pass with credit (4), Pass with distinction (5)
  • Established: 2008-03-18
  • Established by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Revised: 2013-05-14
  • Revised by: The Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Applies from: week 25, 2013
  • Entry requirements: Computer programming II or the equivalent.
  • Responsible department: Department of Information Technology

Learning outcomes

The students should be able to give a thorough description of the structure and function of a computer in terms of parts like its control unit, I/O system, and memory system. The students should also be able to write elementary programs in assembly language.


The von Neumann architecture, RISC and CISC architectures. Assembly programming. Machine operations and instructions. Memory organisation, buses, I/O. Components of the CPU, the control unit.


Lectures and assignments.


The theoretical part covers 3 credits and is examined with exam and assignments. The practical part covers 2 credits and is examined with assignments.

Reading list

Reading list

Applies from: week 24, 2013

  • Patterson, David A.; Hennessy, John L. Computer organization and design : the hardware/software interface

    4. ed.: Amsterdam: Elsevier Morgan Kaufmann, cop. 2009

    Find in the library