Master's Programme in Languages 2019/2020

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Are you aiming for a professional life related to language? Good knowledge of languages ​​is becoming increasingly important in our global society. The Master's Program in Languages ​​at Uppsala University is an education for those who want to deepen and broaden the competence in languages. The program offers a solid education with both theoretical and practical elements.

Why this programme?

You can choose to study in one of the following main areas:
Finnish-Ugric languages ​​(Finnish, Estonian, Sami, Hungarian)
Greek and Byzantinology
Indology (Hindi, Indology, Comparative Indo-European Linguistics)
Iranian languages ​​(Baloch, Kurdish, Persian)
Romance languages ​​(french, spanish)
Semitic languages ​​(Aramaic / Syrian, Arabic, Assyriology, Hebrew)
Slavic languages ​​(Polish, Russian, Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian)
Turkish language


The programme leads to a Master of Arts (120 credits) with one of the languages as the main field of study. After one year of study, it may also be possible to obtain a Master of Arts (60 credits) with one of the languages as the main field of study.


The MA in Languages consists of four semesters, combining course work with independent work. During the first year is offered a career-oriented seminar series with organized study visits, common for all the students in the program.
The courses within the program vary depending on which is your main area of study.
Semester 1
Two program common courses: a course in theory and method as well as a course with work-oriented lectures and study visits. Moreover, two courses within your own main area.
Semester 2
Specialization in your main area, consisting of 15 credits.
The remaining 15 credits consist of a program-common methodology course with research training and an elective course in the main area/ other subjects.
Semester 3 and 4
The third and the fourth semester consist of a degree project of 15 or 30 credits and elective courses in the main area/ other subjects. Opportunities for internships of 7.5 credits or 15 credits are available.

Learning experience

The program consists of two years of full-time study and is taught at the Faculty of Languages in Uppsala.
Some of the courses may require compulsory attendance. Studies conducted at a foreign university may be included in the degree. During the first semester of the program runs a seminar series with invited guest lecturers representing different professions with language in focus.
In addition to the seminars, there are also visits to workplaces related to a future career. The seminars and the workplace-visits are common for all the students in the program and provide valuable insight into the professional life and opportunity to make personal contacts.
There are opportunities for internships.
Some of the courses are taught as distance courses with online seminars.


There are a host of areas in which there is a need for linguists, such as international organizations, government agencies, state and municipal administrations, etc., as well as institutions and companies that address the public and specific groups. Examples of workplaces where language services are in demand are companies in the publishing and newspaper industry, advertising agencies, business and tourism.

Contact and further resources

Department of Modern Languages

Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 L

Box 636, 751 26 UPPSALA

Telephone: 018-471 1297

Fax: 018-471 3480


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