Master's Programme in Evolutionary Biology - MEME

Academic year 2022/2023

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The Master's Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME) is an Erasmus Mundus programme. It involves studies at four leading universities in Europe and Harvard University in the US. This ensures you a first-class education and you can tailor your programme according to your career plan.

Why this programme?

The Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME) is a two-year research-oriented programme aimed for talented and motivated students who are interested in understanding evolution in all its facets. The focus is on the modern evolutionary theory where the interactions between organisms and their environment - biotic and abiotic - are studied. The evolutionary patterns and processes we see today are addressed to understand the origin and evolution of life.

The subject is of interest to many other fields. To understand most biological processes, it has become increasingly clear that we need to place them in an evolutionary context. Therefore, evolutionary thinking has come into focus also for subjects such as ecology, developmental biology, biogeography, phylogenetics and, more recently, epidemiology, immunology, genomics, bioinformatics, and systems biology. In addition, evolutionary thinking is gaining a strong foothold in non-biological disciplines such as economics, informatics, robotics, medicine, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, psychology and even philosophy.

It is a joint project among four European partner universities (University of Groningen, Netherlands; Ludwig Maximillian's University of Munich, Germany; University of Montpellier, France; and Uppsala University, Sweden) with opportunities for an exchange semester at Harvard University, USA, or Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.

During the programme, you can expect to

  • work at two universities in two different countries (at least)
  • develop a large international network with researchers and fellow students
  • come close to and work with advanced-level research.


The programme leads to a Master of Science (120 credits) with Biology as the main field of study and, in addition, an equivalent degree from one of the partner universities.


As a student in this programme you begin your journey with one semester in either Groningen or Uppsala, and then you move to either Montpellier or Munich for your second semester. In the third and fourth semesters, you choose which partner university you want to carry out your individual research projects with.

Please go to the official MEME website to read more about courses available for the first semester, the second semester and information about research projects.

Courses within the programme

See the outline for courses within the programme.

Learning experience

Biology instruction at Uppsala University is done in close connection to current research. All teachers for the individual courses in the Master's Programme in Biology are active scientists, ensuring that you will get an education that reaches to the absolute forefront of the respective field.

The courses we hold provide factual knowledge and practical training in the form of laboratory work and field trips, as well as the ability to solve problems, think analytically and work scientifically. Communication training is integrated in all courses of the programme.

The Master's Programme in Biology has a strong international character, and all courses are taught in English.


This Master's degree is an entry port for PhD training in Sweden as well as abroad. Your most important merits in that respect are your degree projects. With a careful choice of the topics for your degree projects you will leave this programme with a solid theoretical knowledge regarding evolutionary processes as well as knowledge of the methods you need to study them, including statistics.

Successful studies in this programme is an excellent basis for students who wish to pursue a research career (PhD) in any subject within the front-line of evolutionary biology.

The programme has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence in education. Many MEME graduates aim for a career in academics, but some also find positions in industry, business and other fields.

Career support
During your time as a student, UU Careers offers support and guidance. You have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and events that will prepare you for your future career. Learn more about UU Careers.


This is an Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme linked to EU Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Applications for this programme are made at You apply for the programme and the scholarship simultaneously.

Master's Programme in Evolutionary Biology - MEME

120 credits

Autumn 2022, 100%, Campus

Location: Uppsala

Application deadline: 15 January 2022


Language of instruction: English

Academic requirements
A Bachelor's degree from an internationally recognised university. Also required is 90 credits in biology. For more information about specific entry requirements, see the MEME website.

Language requirements
Proficiency in English. For more information about English language requirements, see the MEME website.

Selection: See the MEME website for information about the selection procedure.

Contact and further resources

Is this programme right for you?


For programme-specific information, please contact Programme Director Jacob Höglund:

For information regarding master studies in biology contact:

Biology Education Centre

EBC, Norbyvägen 14 / BMC A8:1

Norbyvägen 14, 752 36 UPPSALA/Box 592, 751 24 UPPSALA

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