Master's Programme in Energy Technology

Academic year 2021/2022

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Do you want to solve future energy challenges through new technologies and entrepreneurship? The Master's Programme in Energy Technology gives you knowledge of a wide range of energy technologies and skills in problem solving, innovation and leadership. Upon completion of your studies, you will have a broad personal network within the European energy sector and knowledge to lead innovation in industry or in your own start-up company.

Why this programme?

The Master's programme in Energy Technology is also known as InnoEnergy Master's Programme in Energy Technologies (ENTECH) and it is a joint programme. The collaboration is between six partner institutions in Europe, including four universities, a business school and InnoEnergy.

Study this programme to gain in-depth knowledge of new energy technologies combined with knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. Within the programme, you will study different sustainable energy technologies, as well as economic, social, legal and ecological aspects of these. There is a special focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as product development and how innovation can be realised in commercial contexts.

In the two-year programme, you study at two of the partner universities. The first year you can study at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany or at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Portugal. The second year you can study at the other of these two universities, or at Grenoble INP in France or at Uppsala University. The final semester is dedicated to your degree project, which most students choose to do in different parts of Europe. After completing the programme, you will receive a double degree, one from each university you have chosen to study at.

Student profile
You have a completed Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering, or electrical engineering. You have excellent English skills, either from a Bachelor's programme taught fully in English or as proven by an English test.

You are highly motivated and willing to take responsibility for creating your own study profile among a wide range of subjects and courses. After your studies you are planning to work with innovation and entrepreneurship in industry or in your own startup company.


The programme leads to a Master of Science (120 credits) with Energy Technology as the main field of study. With the requirements fulfilled it will also lead to a Master's degree from one of the other participating universities: a Master of Science from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, a Master of Energy Engineering and Management from Instituto Superior Técnico, or a Master of Science in Fluid Mechanics and Energetics from Grenoble INP.


In the first year, you study at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany or at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Portugal. Compulsory basic courses are offered at both universities, in order for all students to have a common knowledge base in electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering. Then you choose one of a large number of specialisations in energy technology. At both universities, you also take courses in, e.g., product development, modelling and simulation, applied mathematics, economics and law.

In the second year, you can study at the other of the two above universities, or at Grenoble INP in France, or at Uppsala University. You then proceed within your chosen specialisation. Finally, you complete your degree project during the fourth semester, at a company or the partner university.

An important part of the studies is the Open Space Studio of the programme, which is a 24-month education that runs parallel to the other studies. In the Open Space Studio, you practice your skills in collaboration and leadership in a number of so-called Summer and Winter Ateliers.

Courses within the programme

The programme offers a large number of courses. Details about which courses and specialisations are offered within the programme can be found in the ENTECH Handbook.

The courses taught at Uppsala University can be found in the programme outline. The courses are only offered in semester 3 and 4.

Learning experience

The programme is modularly structured, which means that you have excellent opportunities to customise your study profile with the help of the teachers at the different universities. There is a wide and varied range of courses. The teaching and examination forms vary between different courses.

The programme is fully taught in English.


After graduation, you can work with energy and innovation at companies and organisations, or continue with postgraduate studies at universities.

Previous students in the programme have been employed by Energias de Portugal (EDP), Porsche AG, InnoEnergy Scandinavia, and others have started their own companies. You can read more about the programme's alumni via the main website of the programme.

Career Support
During your whole time as a student UU Careers offers you support and guidance. You have the opportunity to partake in a variety of career activities and events, as well as receive individual career counselling. This service is free of charge for all students at Uppsala University. Learn more about UU Careers.


You apply to the programme through the InnoEnergy website, where you can also find the admission criteria and the selection procedure. There are different application rounds. Deadline for the first application round is 8 November 2020 and the second is 10 January 2021.

Master's Programme in Energy Technology

120 credits

Autumn 2021, 100%, Campus

Location: Karlsruhe, Lisbon, Grenoble, Uppsala

Application deadline: 8 November 2020


Language of instruction: English

Academic requirements
A Bachelor's degree, equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen, from an internationally recognised university. For information about specific entry requirements, see the ENTECH website.
Language requirements
All applicants need to verify English language proficiency. For more information about English language requirements, see the ENTECH website.

Selection: See the ENTECH website for information about the selection procedure.

Contact and further resources

Is this programme right for you?

Find out more about the programme.


For information about the programme modules at Uppsala University, please contact study counsellor:

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen1

Box 35, 751 03 UPPSALA