Outline for Master's Programme in Materials Engineering

Masterprogram i materialteknik

Semester 1

Period 1

Period 2

Semester 2

Period 3

Period 4

Year 2, preliminary academic year 2021-2022

Semester 3
Advanced materials analysis 5 credits
MEMS for applications in life science 5 credits
Experimental methods in mechanics 5 credits
Materials in energy systems II 5 credits
Sustainable nanomaterials for electrical energy storage 5 credits
Chemical energy storage 5 credits
Functional materials III 5 credits
Project course in micro/nanotechnology 10 credits
Project course in nano technology and functional materials 10 credits
Project course in materials for medicin 10 credits
Surface coatings for energy applications 10 credits
Nanomaterials for energy applications 5 credits
Computational materials modelling II 5 credits
Advanced course on topics in materials engineering 5 credits

Semester 4
Degree project in materials engineering 30 credits

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