Why Uppsala University?

Choosing where and what to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. There are many things that will influence your choice, such as the quality of education, rankings and fees.

If you want to study abroad, student life and the values in your new home country also play an important role in your decision. On this page we will tell you about three factors that influence both life in Sweden and studies at Uppsala University; work-life balance, sustainability and research.

Work-life balance

In Sweden, we think it is important to have a healthy balance in life. Everyone should be able to combine both career and personal life regardless of who you are. This is made possible with generous parental leave policies, getting paid to stay home and take care of sick children and five weeks paid vacation, among other things. The Swedish social welfare system is world renowned for making these things possible and the accessible outdoors is great for stress relief. At Uppsala University we believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as inside. That’s why we work closely with student nations and student unions to make your student life as inspiring and enjoyable as possible.

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We only have this one planet, so we better take care of it. Sweden is far from perfect, but we try to strive for long-term sustainable solutions. The world is in dire need of experts to bring sustainability into all areas of our society, and Uppsala University aspires to be a leading role in the transition to a more sustainable society through education and research. Over 20 of our international Master’s programmes are related to sustainability and aim to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to rise in your future career as a decision-maker, manager, planner, educator, researcher in a sustainable future.

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Research intensive

As one of Sweden’s most internationally prominent institutions of academic education, research and scholarship, Uppsala University’s foremost aim is to safeguard and pursue the open and unbounded quest for knowledge. Our Master's programmes are tied to strong research areas and as a student, you will be immersed in a research-intensive environment. Among the University’s alumni there are 15 Nobel Prize laureates, of which 8 received their prizes for discoveries made during their time at Uppsala University. There is no wonder that many of our master graduates continue with a PhD education somewhere in the world.

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Current rankings

#78 - Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021 (the Shanghai ranking)

#124 - QS World University Rankings 2022

#131 - Times Higher Education 2022

Last modified: 2022-05-17