Checklist for you who have recently arrived in Sweden and want to study

1. Get your previous studies evaluated

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) evaluates foreign upper secondary education, vocational education, and university studies. The evaluation can be useful whilst planning your future studies. It can also be useful for employers when you apply for jobs. You can apply for an evaluation of your studies before you have received your residence permit.

2. Check the entry requirements

In order to be admitted to university studies you must fulfil the entry requirements. The entry requirements depend on which level of education you are applying for and which subject area you would like to study.

The general entry requirements are the same for each level:

  • First cycle studies (Bachelor's level) requires a completed upper secondary education.
  • Second cycle studies (Master's level) requires a completed Bachelor's degree.
  • Doctoral studies requires a Master's degree.

Many courses and programmes have programme or course specific entry requirements. The specific entry requirements are listed in the information for each course or programme.

Prior learning

If you lack formal education requirements, the university can evaluate whether your collective expertise will enable you to cope with the studies that you are applying for. Read more about prior learning.

3. Learn Swedish and English

The majority of courses and programmes at Uppsala University require proficiency in Swedish and English. Start studying Swedish and English if you lack knowledge in these languages.

4. Check your documents

You must be able to demonstrate that you meet the entry requirements by providing official, original and translated documents. Your documents are needed to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for studying at the university level as well as for the selection. Read more about which documents should be included (in Swedish) with your application and which documents which may need to be translated.

If you lack any documents you can get in touch with a study counsellor to discuss your situation.

receive credit for your previous studies or complement your studies

Admission to a later part of a programme

If you have studied the same or similar subjects at another university, it may be possible to be admitted to a later part of a programme. The university will make an evaluation of what you can receive credit for from your previous studies. Contact a study counsellor to discuss your options.

Receive credit for earlier studies of a degree

Courses that you have studied at a foreign university can be used as credit in a degree at Uppsala University. In order to receive credit for your previous university studies in your degree from Uppsala University, you must first be admitted as a student at the university.

Complementary programmes for foreign biomedical laboratory scientists, pharmacists and psychologists

Uppsala University arranges complementary programmes for foreign

University preparatory year with technical/scientific orientation

If you have studied science and technology subjects at the secondary or university level and want to continue your studies at the university, there is a university preparatory year with technical/scientific orientation (in Swedish).

Information and counselling

Contact a study and career counsellor to discuss your options and how to proceed with your studies.