Complementary programme for biomedical laboratory scientists with a foreign degree

If you have a foreign degree in biomedical laboratory science and want to work as a licensed biomedical scientist, the complementary programme is a way of achieving a Swedish licence.


The complementary programme comprises 90 credits and has the Swedish biomedical scientist's professional area of ​​focus. The goal is for you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to apply for a licence as a biomedical scientist. You must have the insight and good understanding of how a clinical diagnostic laboratory is organised with emphasis on quality assurance, and also have a greater awareness of the patient behind the sample as well as a cost-effective approach. You should also be familiar with the various professional responsibilities including supervision.

After the programme you will be prepared for professional work as a biomedical scientist.

The programme consists of the following courses:

  • Basic Biomedical Laboratory Science, 3OG079, 11 credits, semester 1
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science, 3KK017, 49 semester credits 1-3
  • Practical Tuition, 3KK018, 15 credits, semester 1-3
  • Project Work in Biomedical Laboratory Science, 3OG078, 15 credits, semester 3

The language of instruction is Swedish but in some cases, a course will be taught wholly or partly in English. To complete the programme, it is essential that you speak both Swedish and English.

After completion of studies, you can order for a transcript of records for the finished programme. The transcript is used when you apply to the National Board of Health and Welfare for a Swedish licence as a biomedical scientist.

When is the complementary programme given?

The programme starts in the autumn semester 2017.

Where is the complementary programme given?

The programme is given through Uppsala University in Uppsala and in Sundsvall. Those who choose Sundsvall will have parts of the courses as distance education.

Eligibility requirements and selection

For information about the entry requirements, please view the programme information on the Swedish application site, (please note this information is given entirely in Swedish).

If there are more applicants than places, a selection of candidates in two stages: In stage 1 assessed the candidate's overall credentials, where previous training, work experience and any assessment of the training from the National Board or University and College Council weighed in. In step 2, the candidates are called to interview.


Applications are made online via the Swedish application site Registration opens in mid-March. More information in Swedish:
Complementary programme for biomedical analysts, Uppsala
Complementary programme for biomedical analysts, Sundsvall