Validation of prior learning

If you do not fulfil the entry requirements through formal qualifications, you can apply for an assessment of your prior learning. By prior learning we mean your accumulated knowledge and experience, which may have been acquired in different ways, for example through work experience, staff training or other courses.


You apply for courses and programmes at the Swedish site In your application you describe the skills and competencies that allow you to fulfil the eligibility requirements. Your application should be supported by relevant documentation. If you are found not to be eligible, you have the right to appeal this decision.

Often the requirements are expressed as courses in the Swedish secondary school. Information regarding the content of specific courses can be found on the web site of the Swedish National Agency for Education. If the requirements are expressed as academic courses, compare your competencies to the learning outcomes from the course syllabi.

Compete for a study place

A recognition of prior learning does not necessarily mean that you will be offered a study place. If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of study places on a course or a programme, the applicants will have to compete for a place in a selection based on their merit rating. Please note that a recognition of prior learning for eligibility does not give you a merit rating.

One way to get a merit rating is by taking the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (Högskoleprovet). Your result on the test becomes your merit rating if you apply to courses and programmes for beginners (undergraduate level). The test is only given in Swedish.

More information about validation of prior learning in Swedish

See the Swedish web site for more information about validation of prior learning.