Programme syllabi

Each programme has a programme syllabus. The syllabus provides information about the entry requirements, the courses included and the degree. Syllabi are approved by the faculty boards and are subject to change from semester to semester.

For some programmes, there are, in addition, one or more outlines that describe the curriculum within the programme or specialisation in more detail.

Search for a syllabus by programme name or code.

Programme syllabus revisions

The link in the search results leads to the most recent version of the syllabus. If the syllabus has been revised and there are previous versions, you will find links to them in the syllabus. A version is valid until it is replaced by a new version.

Note that the latest version may not yet have taken effect. Therefore, always check the dates to make sure that what is stated in the syllabus applies to the semester the programme is offered.

Did you not find the syllabus?

By using the search function, you will find programme syllabi applying from the autumn term 2011 and later. Programme syllabi for programmes given at the University of Gotland before the merger with Uppsala University on 1 July 2013 can be found using the University of Gotland syllabus search function.

If you have trouble finding your syllabus, please contact the faculty responsible for the programme or the University registrar.

Last modified: 2022-07-25