Uppsala University Covid-19 Financial Aid Scholarship

Scholarships for current international students at Uppsala University for the academic year 2021/2022

As the worldwide uncertainty remains, Uppsala University announces the COVID-19 financial aid scholarship programme aimed at current international students who are obliged to pay the tuition fees.

The scholarships are for fee-paying students who have been full-time students at Uppsala University during the academic year 2020/2021, and who, due to the extraordinary times, need financial aid to continue their programme studies as planned during the coming academic year 2021/2022.

The application period is open between 15 – 27 February 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

What’s included in the scholarship?

The scholarship will partially cover the tuition fee with a total amount of SEK 40 000 per student for one academic year. This means the scholarship recipients will get a discount of SEK 20 000 per semester. When applying, you must motivate why you are eligible to receive the scholarship.

The scholarship is directed towards covering part of the tuition fee only. Living costs are not covered. Scholarship recipients must, therefore, still be able to fund their living costs by other means, as per the requirements of the Swedish Migration Agency.

Application criteria

You are welcome to apply for this scholarship if you have been a full-time fee paying student at Uppsala University during the academic year 2020/2021 and are in need of financial aid to continue your studies as planned during the coming academic year 2021/2022.

When applying, all of the following criteria must be met to be eligible for the scholarship. You must:

  1. have been registered as a full-time student since you started a study programme at Uppsala University;
  2. have passed courses within your programme amounting to at least 75% of the credits that you could obtain after a semester is over. Students with fewer credits obtained or interruptions in the programme are not eligible to apply for this scholarship;
    • If you are currently enrolled in a Master’s or Bachelor’s programme started in the autumn 2020, you must have obtained at least 22.5 credits out of 30 credits from courses in the autumn semester 2020.
    • If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s programme started in the autumn 2019, you must at least have obtained 67.5 credits out of 90 credits.
  3. not have received any other scholarships or external funding for your tuition fee, or studying an Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s programme. However, an exception to this rule is having received the COVID-19 scholarship previously. This means you can reapply for this scholarship;
  4. submit a complete scholarship application no later than 27 February 2021 23:59 Central European Time (CET).

Application Procedure

You need to fill in an online application form during the application period 15 – 27 February 2021. No document is required in the application. The online form will only be open during the application period.

Apply now

Announcement of the results

All applicants will be informed of the results via e-mail in the middle of April 2021.

If you are awarded a scholarship

If you are awarded a scholarship, your tuition fee will be reduced by the amount equal to the scholarship. The remaining tuition fee must be paid at the latest one month before the start of the semester. The scholarship will be withdrawn if the remaining tuition fee is not paid on time.

The scholarship cannot be postponed or saved for another academic year.


If you have questions about the scholarship, please contact tuitiongrants@uadm.uu.se.

Last modified: 2021-02-11