Your first scholarship?

Have you been awarded a scholarship this term? Congratulations! Below you find information about scholarships for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. This information does not apply to research and travel grants.

  • To see your scholarship holdings, please log in at There, under “Holding of scholarships”,  you can see the name of your scholarship, the time of holding and the amount (when the scholarship was awarded). Follow the link “Decision” to read the decision of your holding of scholarship. It is important that you read the decision!
  • The amount specified in the decision is the amount that will be paid each term you hold the scholarship. This amount may increase or decrease from term to term, depending on the funds’ returns.
  • If you have been awarded a scholarship, you DON’T have to monitor it the first term, since the payment for that term will be made automatically. If you have been awarded a scholarship for several terms, you must monitor it all following terms.
  • For the spring term you can monitor your scholarship from 1 April to 10 June, and for the autumn term from 1 November to 5 January. If your qualifications are approved for keeping the scholarship, the amount of the term will be paid. If your qualifications are not approved, your holding of the scholarship will be terminated from the ongoing term.
  • In order for your monitoring of scholarships to be approved, you must be a full-time student (30 credits) during the term. You must also have been registered for at least 30 credits and taken a minimum of 22,5 credits the previous term (rating dates must be within the previous term)
  • Each scholarship has its own requirements regarding what subject you must study, which nation you must be a member of, which university you must study at, etc. You must meet these requirements each term you hold the scholarship. The requirements for each scholarship are listed at Find scholarships. Unless otherwise stated, you must be a full-time student at Uppsala University. If you are not sure, contact the Scholarships Office.
  • During exchange studies via the International Office at Uppsala University it is usually possible to keep your scholarship as usual. Contact the Scholarships Office well before the exchange for information about this.
  • During exchange studies, you shall monitor your scholarship as usual.
  • A scholarship can usually not be retained during interruptions of studies. Read more about this in §4 in Regulations for scholarship holders at Uppsala University under the tab "Holding of scholarships".