How to Apply

1. Apply for a Bachelor's or Master's programme before the given deadline

To apply for Uppsala University’s scholarships you must first apply for one of Uppsala University's international Bachelor's and Master's programmes as your first priority through the website before the given deadline, which is usually around 15 January.

If your application on is considered late, you will not be eligible for the Uppsala University scholarships.

2. Submit an online scholarship application before the given deadline

After the application period for Bachelor's and Master's programmes closes, the application period for scholarships opens. There is no application fee when applying for Uppsala University's scholarships. You must also submit an online scholarship application in order to be considered for a scholarship. The deadline for submitting an online scholarship application is usually around 1 February.

You may apply for more than one scholarship provided that you meet the criteria, however, it is only possible to be awarded one scholarship from Uppsala University. You are not required to submit any documents, such as reference letters, when applying for a scholarship through Uppsala University.

In the online scholarship application form you must state your personal details, the Bachelor's or Master's programme at Uppsala University that you applied for as your first priority, and your application ID number from You must also specify which scholarship or scholarships you are applying for, and write a motivation for why you should be awarded the scholarship. Your motivation should not exceed 350 words and should reflect the criteria of the scholarship.

Please submit your scholarship application in good time. We do not accept late applications.

Please do not apply for a scholarship if you:

  • do not meet the entry requirements for admission to Uppsala University
  • have not selected a programme at Uppsala University as your first choice in your application at
  • Cannot secure the funding needed to cover your cost of living, as required by the Swedish Migration Agency, even if you are awarded a scholarship

Read more about the cost of living for students in Sweden.

3. Selection Process

Uppsala University’s scholarships for tuition liable students are merit-based and are awarded to academically talented students who show an interest in belonging to an educational milieu. Information about your academic performance is taken from the supporting documents you submit when applying to Master's or Bachelor's studies. The written motivation in your online scholarship application is also taken into account. When selecting scholarship recipients, financial need will not be taken into consideration.

The scholarship selection process will be undertaken in parallel with the programme selection process. To gain entrance to the programme, and be awarded a scholarship, students must meet all general and programme-specific entry requirements. The application fee for the Bachelor's or Master's programme must have been paid to, and all required supporting documents must have been received before the deadline. Students who submit incomplete applications or do not apply in time will not be considered for scholarships at Uppsala University.


If you have any questions about applying for a scholarship, please contact

We will as soon as possible answer your questions preferably by email, but if you need to speak with us, please send an email, and we will agree on a time when you can talk with us on the phone.